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Interviews ♦ October 04, 2022

America Ferrera likes to make the most of her workout routine.

“I love moving my body. I try [to work out] once a day,” Ferrera tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I think my relationship to moving my body and working out has really evolved, and I’m in a place where I just want to enjoy it. I want to have fun, I want to move because I can, because it feels good, and because it always makes my day better after I’ve done that.”

Sharing that dancing is her go-to way to stay in shape, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star says, “Dancing has always been a huge part of my family life, even as a little girl.”

“[But] I think for a lot of people with children, it’s very, very hard to carve out time for anything that isn’t work and kids. I feel like in order for me to keep showing up for myself and moving my body in ways that I enjoy, I have to find those workouts that are not just me punishing myself and saying, like, ‘Okay, you have an hour. Go beat yourself up,’ ” Ferrera, 38, continues. “It’s less about that for me at this stage in my life. It’s more like, let me find time in the day to move my body because it feels good to me, and find joy in that.”

Ferrera’s love of dance has followed her throughout the years, according to the Emmy winner, who says she now incorporates her two young children — son Sebastian Piers, 4, and daughter Lucia Marisol, 2, whom she shares with husband Ryan Piers Williams — into her routines.

“We have family dance parties on Saturday and Sunday mornings, spontaneous dance parties, often to Latino music,” she says. “Ever since my first kid could stand up without our help, we have been having dance parties as a family … moving our bodies for the joy of it to music that we love.”

Ferrera reiterates that dancing is “something I grew up with in my household as a kid,” explaining, “I remember waking up on the weekends to very, very loud salsa music playing while my mom cleaned the house. You didn’t really have a choice: You had to clean, or you had to dance — and sometimes both at the same time.”

She adds: “So it just feels like [something special], passing on to my kids the gift of how much joy there is in moving your body to music that you love. It’s a tradition, and it’s cultural for me, so it’s really important to us.”

Ferrera has recently partnered with Zumba for its new Zumba Beginnings program, which the Ugly Betty alum says is a form of “self-care” for her.

“It’s so many of the things that I love when I’m looking for a workout — It’s fun, it’s high energy. I love anything that has to do with choreography because it takes my mind off the fact that I’m working out. And before you know it, it’s done, and I’ve done my workout for the day,” she tells PEOPLE.

Noting that she loves “a lot of things” about Zumba’s newest program — which is free and provides users with content to familiarize themselves with basic Zumba steps before taking part in mini-workouts at varying lengths — Ferrera says, “I can just open my laptop and stand up out of my desk and do a class.”

“It doesn’t have to be so brass tax and humdrum. You put in your time and get on with your day,” she continues. “You can have a great time doing it.”

“And anyone can do it,” adds Ferrera. “It’s not about being the best, it’s not about being a professional dancer or someone who works out every single day — anyone can do it.”

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Interviews ♦ October 04, 2022

America Ferrera is done punishing her body through exercise.

“My relationship with working used to be about fixing flaws. For years, I was in a cycle of beating myself up,” Ferrera told TODAY Parents. “It took me a lot of work to transform that relationship into one that is based in deep gratitude for the ability to move my body in ways that make me feel strong, joyful and alive.”

“Moving our bodies because it brings us joy is something we want to model for our kids,” the mom of 4-year-old son, Sebastian “Baz,” and 2-year-old daughter, Lucia, added.

Recently, Ferrera rediscovered her love of the Latin dance workout Zumba when she partnered with Zumba for Beginners. The choreography is so much fun that Ferrera forgets she’s even exercising.

“I’ll wake up the next day and I’m like, ‘I didn’t realize I was working that part of my arm, or that side of my abs,’” she explained. “You’re getting a full-body workout.”

Another perk: She can occupy her kids with an art project while she streams a 30-minute Zumba class from home.

“I get that boost of energy and that bump of endorphins,” the “Superstore” alum said. “Then I can get back to whatever is next on my on my schedule.”

Ferrera shares her two children with her husband, director Ryan Piers Williams.

During a 2020 appearance on “Conan,” the Emmy winner opened up about how she and Williams differ in terms of their parenting styles.

“I’ll listen to ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and read them ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Green Fish’ and Ryan will listen to Cardi B., or whatever he wants to listen to,” she joked.

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Appearances, News ♦ September 18, 2022

America Ferrera will be the keynote speaker at the 2022 Texas Women’s Foundation Gala on September 29th.

Themed “Texas for All,” the Texas Women’s Foundation’s biggest fundraiser of the year will take place virtually and feature a celebrity keynote speaker: actress America Ferrera. The event will take place 11:30 am-1 pm September 29, and in honor of the 35th anniversary, tickets are just $35 each.

The Texas Women’s Foundation works to advance women’s economic security, leadership, education, health, and safety in Texas through research, advocacy, programs, and grantmaking. For more information or to purchase a ticket, visit

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Appearances, Photos ♦ September 16, 2022

America Ferrera participated in the D23 Expo in Anaheim this past weekend to announce her role in the upcoming animated feature, Elio! There are now 19 HQ photos added to our photo gallery of America Ferrera on the red carpet and during the presentation.

Click on the preview links below to see all the images added to America Ferrera Source!

America Ferrera Source America Ferrera Source America Ferrera Source America Ferrera Source

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Interviews, Videos ♦ September 13, 2022

America Ferrera chats with ET’s Will Marfuggi about ‘Elio’ at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California. She praises the Pixar film’s message about self-acceptance. While she stays tight-lipped about her role in the ‘Barbie’ movie, America says fans should ‘expect the unexpected.’

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Interviews, Videos ♦ September 10, 2022

America Ferrera talks about the best part of voice acting, making the surprise announcement of Pixar’s new film ‘Elio’ and what fans can expect from the film.

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Films, News ♦ September 09, 2022

America Ferrera (“Ugly Betty,” “Superstore,”) will star in “Elio,” an upcoming Pixar animated film set to release in Spring 2024. The movie was announced during the D23 expo presentation on Friday.

“Elio” tells the story of the titular 11-year old boy, who is struggling to fit in until he suddenly gets beamed up by aliens and is chosen to be the galactic ambassador of earth. Ferrera voices Olga, Elio’s mother, who is working on a top secret project to decode alien messages. Yonas Kibreab voices the titular character.

Ferrera is best known for her Emmy winning role as Betty Suarez in “Ugly Betty.” In addition, she starred from 2015 to 2021 in the critically acclaimed NBC sitcom “Superstore,” and also directed several episodes and co-produced. Other notable roles include the 2005 film “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” and this year’s Apple TV+ miniseries “We Crashed.” Next year will see her star opposite Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated “Barbie” live-action movie. As a voice actor, Ferrera previously voiced the character Astrid in the three “How to Train Your Dragon” films for Dreamworks Animation.

“Elio” was one of several projects teased by the company during the Friday animation panel.

Source: Variety

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