What’s Your Emergency

Character: Brenda Fitzgerald

Created by: Ryan Spahn, Halley Feiffer

Directed by: Michael Urie

Written by: Ryan Spahn, Halley Feiffer

Produced by: Evangel Fung, Meghan-Michele German, Geoffrey Soffer

Cast Members: Ryan Spahn, Halley Feiffer, Sierra Boggess, Reed Birney

Released date: January 27, 2015

Episode(s) Number: 1x01, 1x06

Episode(s) Title: Trouble in Hell / Corporate Hell

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 9 min

Chronicles the misadventures of the inept rescue workers of Hell, Michigan, as they attempt to run the town's 911 Call Center, and fail at every turn.

Script developed by Never Enough Design