Sid the Science Kid

Character: Dr. Cordova (voice)

Directed by: Kirk Thatcher

Written by: Alice Dinnean

Produced by: Annie Court, Chris Plourde

Cast Members: Drew Massey, Misty Rosas, Alice Dinnean

Released date: December 7, 2011

Episode(s) Number: 2x24

Episode(s) Title: The Big Cheese!

Genre: Animation, Comedy

Duration: 27 min

While surfing the Internet on the computer with his Mom, Sid finds a funny picture showing that the moon is made of green, glowing, cheese! Sid thinks this is amazing, and when he goes to school, he relays his newfound moon information to his friends, who are equally enthralled. When they tell Susie what they learned, Susie explains something very important-not everything you find on the computer is true! And someone that really understands that notion is visiting today, it's Gabriela's Mom! Dr. Rosalinda Cordova is a marine biologist so she does lots of research on the computer, but it's not the only thing she uses. She tells the kids that when she does research, she reads books at the library, makes observations, asks experts, and looks at websites with good information. Then she gives the kids their very own research project, where they break into two teams and investigate all the living things they can find around the school.

Script developed by Never Enough Design