Jennifer Oct 18, 2023 News

America Ferrera has been named as one of GLAMOUR’S Global Honourees at this year’s Women of the Year Awards in partnership with Samsung, where she called for a ceasefire in Israel and Gaza.

During her powerful speech, Ferrera called for the conflict to end, and for women and children to “live in peace”.

“All of our sisters are not safe,” she said. “Like all of you, my heart is broken and heavy with the weight of what our sisters around the world endure every day. And as we sit here tonight celebrating, our sisters and their families in Gaza and Israel are living through horror.

“The brutality of terror and war is unfolding before our eyes. Entire families have been and continue to be erased.”

The war in Israel in Gaza began on 7 October, with Hamas militants crossing into Israeli territory and killing civilians. Israel then retaliated, which has now resulted in over 4,000 deaths and thousands of people injured and displaced.

“The one thing we know about war? It never benefits women,” America Ferrera added. “What are our voices if not to cry out on behalf of our sisters? In this moment, we can stand together and call for an end to all violence.

“We can demand that hostages be released and safely returned to their families. We must demand that our world leaders deliver a ceasefire and an immediate humanitarian response in Gaza and Israel. We must save our sisters. We must let the children live in peace. May we all find the courage to use our voices.”

Ferrera wasn’t the only GLAMOUR winner to call for peace in Israel and Gaza. Our Entertainer of the Year, Hannah Waddingham called for people to “pull together for a larger cause”.

“If any of us can give whatever you can. However small to the women in the world who are fighting to keep their children,” she said. “Then if you could do that one thing tonight, if you could just do it before you go to bed, anything then I would be eternally grateful.”

Source: Glamour UK