Jennifer Oct 06, 2022 News

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, Poderistas is hosted “Poderistas @ the White House” to bring together Latina leaders to meet with senior White House and Biden Administration officials.

Founded by Eva Longoria and America Ferrera during the 2020 election cycle, Poderistas is a digital community built to celebrate Latina culture and harness Latina power in all aspects of life, including at the ballot box.

The October 5 event was a monumental moment for the Latina community, with over 40 Latinas convening at the White House, including leaders from the entertainment industry, community activists, hometown heroes from across the country, philanthropists, and more.

Attendees included authors, activists, and actresses such as Poderistas Co-Founder America Ferrera, Chloe Bridges, Robin Arzón, Justina Machado, Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, and many more.

Over the day, they discussed various critical topics, including the economy, community leadership, health care, education, climate change, sustainable communities, and Latina glass ceiling breakers.

Source: Hola